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“Time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life.” John F.Kennedy

Politics of fear could impact midterm elections

The midterm elections are quickly approaching and the threat of ISIS is slowly creeping into political ads.

Published by Johnny , 30.09.2014 at 14:47


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Phebe Paul
Phebe Paul 30 September 14 15:30 LOL Listening to Michael Smerconish talk about "those bad Republicans" is like listening to Sean Hannity talk about "those bad Democrats."

All this guy has EVER done is stir up shit. He used to be a right-wing demagogue douche bag; now he's morphed into a left-wing demagogue douche bag - guess he's gotta' make a living however he can.
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Zoltan Brenner
Zoltan Brenner 30 September 14 23:51 the people who bite on that and let that determine who they will vote for shouldn't be voting .Can you imagine if Mccain/Palin
Romney/Robin or what ever that panicky guy name is ,were in office now.?Is there a community in the nation that is so ignorant and naive?
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Henry Plant
Henry Plant 30 September 14 23:54 such ads are negative and destructive. The real problem is members of BOTH parties do the SAME thing. Text hided expand
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