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“Time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life.” John F.Kennedy

Political expectations in 2015


Белый дом

January 3, the U.S. Congress 114 convocation began work.For the first time since 2006, both houses are controlled by Republicans. January 6,its first meeting held.

The plans of President Barack Obama to conduct immigration reform and to introduce new regulations to address global climate change provided a strong rebuff Republican majority.

On the one hand, in the last two years of the Obama presidency Washington will be even more politically polarized. Barack Obama, promising voters to cooperate with the Republican Congress and try to find common ground with his opponents, he remembered about the successful experience of cooperation with the legislative authority bill Clinton in 1985.

On the other hand, 2015 will be a year of political inter-party compromise. A major cause irreconcilable opponents to seek consent - the beginning of the presidential race. The leaders of the Republicans have a primary strategic goal is to demonstrate to voters that they can get out of the infinite Washington political deadlock and paralysis, can solve problems and make laws.For this they need to negotiate with Democrats in Congress.In 2015 10 factors may significantly affect the presidential race, which will unfold in full power only in 2016.

Here are some  the most interesting moments:

    Court showdown on the eve of the election campaigns.

    The economy of the middle class

    Migration steps

    What will make Elizabeth Warren?

2015 will provide answers to at least some of these issues.



In 673 days the Senate will be retaken by the Democrats in domineering numbers on the same day that Hillary gives her acceptance speech. Republicans will do what they do best: Sitting their with their arms folded and whining.




The Republicans coming in to the Congress are 'juniors' and as such will have very little to say that is of any consequence to what is done by the 'senior' members of Congress.  The Republicans have already learned, been burnt badly, by the last crop of 'juniors' that caused all sorts of unruly actions, tens of billions in lost wages and taxes for the American public, and have split the Republican Party into two of more chunks of shame. 


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Anthony 4 January 15 20:39 Like the rest of us, the President is waiting for the GOP now in "control" of congress to propose something more useful to us than Keystone, tax cuts, or shutting down Obamacare. Text hided expand
Lucas Manning
Lucas Manning 5 January 15 20:53 Just wasting more tax payer money and accomplishing nothing. Text hided expand
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