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“Time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life.” John F.Kennedy

Why Democrats Aren’t Likely to Win the House


Wall Street Journal: “First, the math is simply too tough for Democrats. They now hold just 188 House seats, which means they would need to win 30 seats now held by Republicans.

Even in a good year, that’s too steep a hill to climb. So while Republicans do have more seats in danger in the changed environment of 2016, the numbers aren’t big enough to suggest a change. The Cook Report lists 22 Republican-held seats that are among the most vulnerable this cycle, and just seven Democratic ones, but even a clean sweep of such seats by the Democrats wouldn’t be enough to change control.”

“Second, that difficult math is the result of years of Republican efforts to draw up congressional districts that are safe for GOP candidates. Using their control of more governor’s offices and state legislatures in recent years, Republicans have been in the driver’s seat for reapportioning congressional districts and the advantage shows. The vast majority of Republican House members are safe from serious challenge from Democrats; only 16 of them won their seats by fewer than 10 percentage points, the Cook Report says.”

“And third, Democrats enter 2016 behind a president whose popularity is only in the mediocre range. In the latest rolling Gallup survey, Mr. Obama’s job approval stood at 46%–which is better than the 42.6% he averaged last year but not enough to sweep other Democrats forward.”

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Posted on 10.06.2015 13:24
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