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“Time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life.” John F.Kennedy

Bill Clinton gives perfect response to Seth Meyers’ question about 2016


Seth Meyers asked Bill Clinton, what will happen.if he will live in the White House in 2016. Clinton replied that he had a lot of international calls regarding Golf.

Bill Clinton gives perfect response to Seth Meyers’ question about 2016


Truth Is Moral Absolute 

This idea that the election of Hillary Rodham Clinton is “inevitable” is way wide of the mark. In fact her survival to the finish line is dubious. The Clintonistas and their dupes in the establishment media may not want to open the magnum of champagne just yet. A reporter with a major mainstream political website who traveled with her on the book tour told me she was “trapped in the past. … Much of her motive was revenge” against those who haven’t paid the Clinton’s due respect for her accomplishments and who have questioned their past activities and potentially criminal actions.



To bad for repubs that the economy during the Clinton Presidency was the best in the History of the United States.



Bill Clinton just showed how stupid the press can be! Yes, the election is in 2016, but the new President doesn't move into the White House the next day, it's not until Friday, January 20, 2017. Try doing some damn research next time Seth!
That being said, I don't think she will run.
I don't see anyone I'd want to vote for from the list of names being thrown around... looks like we'll have a bunch of weak, wimpy candidates running, just like Ford and Carter back in 1976. (Carter only won because of backlash over Ford's pardon of Nixon.) Great trivia question: Gerald Ford is the only president (so far) never elected on a national ticket (he was Speaker of the House. He was boosted up to VP after Spiro Agnew resigned. When Nixon resigned, Ford found himself in the Oval Office. He was kind of the "accidental President".)


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Robert 17 January 15 13:20 All questions asked are given to guests before the show. People in the business know that. Text hided expand
Robin Cornwall
Robin Cornwall 18 January 15 01:56 Is this news? No... it's just another example of the left wing mutual admiration society. Text hided expand
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